Parish Smith

PMD "Parish Smith"



The founder of EPMD


This is a very special blogspot issue thats dedicated to the my spiritual brother and one of the late 80's,and 90's leaders of HipHop whom of course Jay-Z,P-Diddy and a host of other MC's got their inspirations from PMD was the 1st rap artist to do his own label deals with DefJam with his own imprint the "HitSquad"which to this day are still selling our venues over seas and in america feel free to preveiw this new hot video featuring "PMD" and Nigerian rap artist "Cashino" with the hit trax "All I Got" with a cameo appearance by "Nas"

PMD, Parish Smith (aka the Mic Doctor of the classic hip-hop group EPMD), has been traveling on a long road of rocking mics, releasing records, and keeping his mind on business. From classic EPMD tracks like "It's My Thing," "Gold digger", "Crossover," to "You Gots To Chill", PMD has dropped legendary verses and flows all throughout hip-hop history. PMD's smooth, mellow voice along with his rugged style and b-boy attitude make him one of the most well respected old school hip-hop legends of today. The classic EPMD album "Strictly Business" had deep funky jams and a strong attitude. Other incredible EPMD albums like "Business Never Personal" and "Unfinished Business" were constant favorites of crowds, DJ's, and fans. With his partner Erick Sermon (The Green Eyed Bandit), EPMD formed Hit Squad. One of the first hip-hop squads, The Hit Squad gave birth to now legendary emcees like Redman, Das Efx, and K-Solo.


Due to many different problems, EPMD broke up in the mid-90's and the future looked extremely bleak. PMD's first solo album "Shade Business" was considered a luke-warm effort while his sophomore LP "Business Is Business" did better. Then, a miracle happened. EPMD reunited for the "How To Be A Player" soundtrack. They released 2 more albums ("Back In Business" and "Out Of Business") that spawned hard-hitting hip-hop tracks like "Richter Scale", "Never Seen Before", and "Symphony 2000. Since then, many well-respected hip-hop artists have made hits by jacking classic EPMD tracks. Jay-Z's first big hit "Ain't No," used the beat from EPMD's "It's My Thing." DMX's bombastic debut "Get At Me Dog" used a straight-jacked loop of "Get The Bozac."The list goes on an on. Everybody from Nas to Wu-Tang Clan to Foxxy Brown has used classic EPMD hits to make their own hits.


Today, EPMD (Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith) have left Def Jam. Erick, the E Double E, has formed Def Squad with Redman and Keith Murray while PMD maintained Hit Squad. Erick Sermon signed to J Records while PMD made an alliance with the underground and indie label Solid Records to make his own Boon Dox Records. Also, his professional and friendship relationship with Japan's own DJ Honda cemented many ill collaborations. With a brand new Hit Squad, a new label, and a brand new attitude, PMD just released his 3rd (and best) solo album "The Awakening." While his other solo efforts were not as focused, "The Awakening" is overflowing with thick, funk beats, hardcore rhymes, steady production, and many well respected guests. It is his most focused and strongest solo LP to date. Kutmasta Kurt, DJ Muggs, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Ghetto Pros, and DJ Honda handle production on the LP. Guests include Fat Joe, Erick Sermon, K-Solo, Das Efx and more. PMD also has time to play the mentor role by signing proteges like 275 and Don Fu-Quan. Still, Parish Smith is not done. After he releases "The Awakening," he plans to release a collaboration album with DJ Honda titled "Underground Connection."


While the future of EPMD may not be 100% certain, Parish Smith's future is. He will be rocking mics. PMD has redeemed himself. He has awoken from the coma of the industry and music business. Today, PMD's business IS personal. Parish Smith, the mic doctor, the PMD of EPMD, is back and better than ever. You better wake up.